Fighting to stop a third runway at Heathrow

I am fighting against more flights at Heathrow. Extra flights would create more pollution, impose more noise on people living in the local area, and damage more of our beautiful local green spaces and parks. Nonetheless, Heathrow is a welcome neighbour that supports jobs in the local area, and it will always have a bright future as a busy regional airport. 

I believe...

  • To be a great trading nation, we will need three to five extra runways over the next few decades. There is not space for this expansion at Heathrow. 
  • There is ample space for a three to five runway airport offshore in the South East. This could operate throughout the night without disturbing people. 
  • Heathrow must not be able to entrench its monopoly. This will increase the cost of travel for everyone. 

Actions undertaken in Parliament...