Protecting people from flooding

I'm fighting to protect Berkshire from destructive flooding.

Areas in the Windsor constituency have been hit by devastating floods over the last few years. Local residents must feel safe, and local businesses must have the security they need to invest so they can create jobs and wealth. 

I am proud of the work that this Conservative Government has done in building Thames River Scheme to protect the local area. 

I believe...

  • People living and working in Berkshire must feel safe and secure. 
  • In the long-term, we must complete the Thames River Scheme, building additional flood channels to cope with excess rainwater. 
  • In the short-term, we must improve weirs along the river so we can better manage flood water. 
  • We must increase river capacity where possible. 

Actions undertaken in Parliament...

  • Spoken in debates in the House of Commons. 
  • Asked written questions to Ministers. 
  • Published articles in the national and local media. 
  • Replied to thousands of letters from constituents about flooding.