Windsor MP Welcomes the Ongoing Success of the UK Space Industry

Adam Afriyie MP has today welcomed a parliamentary answer published by the Minister for Universities and Science that restates the ongoing success of the British space industries.

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor and Chair of the Parliamentary Space Committee, said:

“The space industry continues to be a stand-out success for the UK economy. 

“Over the last few years the UK space industry has grown by an average of 7.5 per cent per year, and it shows no signs of letting up. In fact the industry hopes to increase its annual turnover to £40bn by 2030.

“If Britain is going to be a great global trading nation once again, we must take advantage of our strong scientific and engineering heritage. Britain produces many highly technical products, like satellites, that the rest of the world wants to buy.

“The space industry has created new jobs to support the growing use of mobile phones, mobile internet and sat nav devices. The UK Space Agency expects the industry will support 100,000 high-quality jobs by 2030.

“The space industry continues to go from strength to strength because of the hard work and innovative thinking of all those working in the sector, including those people working for companies, researching in universities and supporting the sector at the UK Space Agency.”


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