Windsor MP Welcomes the Government's 'Revolution' in Mental Health Care

The Windsor MP welcomes the Government’s “revolution” in mental health care as part of a package of new funding and reforms aimed at improving treatment and removing the stigma attached to mental health issues.

The new targeted programs include embedding mental health services in every hospital emergency department, creating 24 hour round-the-clock community care as an alternative to hospitalisation and the provision of extra mental health care for expectant mothers and anorexic teenagers.

The Prime Minister has also called for a “more mature” conversation about mental health and for people to be less embarrassed or fearful to talk to others about mental illnesses and to seek help.


Adam Afriyie, Windsor’s MP, commented:

“This is a fantastic start to the year and a great example of how Conservatives are not only protecting support for people facing mental health challenges but actually boosting it

“You wouldn’t expect to be turned away from the NHS if you had a broken arm and I believe we should adopt the same approach for the millions of people who will experience a mental illness during their lifetime

“The Prime Minister was right to highlight the fact that mental health issues are exacerbated when a sufferer is afraid or unable to talk to someone about it. If we are to be a society that is at ease with itself, the stigma of mental health conditions needs to disappear.”


Note to editors

1.    In 2005 Adam Afriyie contributed a chapter about mental health to the book “The Forgotten” about how to tackle the stigma attached to mental health.