Windsor MP Welcomes Government Plans to Reform Children's Services

The Windsor MP welcomes the Government’s new program to improve children’s services and to protect the most vulnerable in society from abuse or neglect.

Under this new program, if an Ofsted inspection finds a local authority’s children’s services to be falling behind they will be given six months to improve.

If they have not improved after six months emergency measures will be put in place and the council’s powers will be stripped and their children’s services taken over by charities or high-performing councils until they are fit for purpose.

Adam Afriyie has spoken at length about failures in the care system and has heavily supported Government efforts to prioritise spending on social mobility in these tough economic times.


Adam Afriyie, Windsor’s MP, commented:

“I am delighted that even during times of tough spending decisions the Government has chosen to prioritise caring for children and social mobility.

“It is a national tragedy that despite the best efforts of selfless care workers our creaking care system allows too many children to fall through the gaps.

“For those of us from less privileged backgrounds it is quite clear that improving the life chances of vulnerable children must be a priority

“I welcome these announcements and would urge the Government to go further still and keep an open mind to enrolling more children at the cusp of care into weekday boarding school which would not only improve their life chances but also, perhaps surprisingly, cost less than keeping them in a children’s home.”


Note to editors

1.    Adam Afriyie has written at length on social mobility in the past. To read the article referenced in the above press release please see here.