Windsor MP Welcomes Ambition to Reduce Energy Supply Switching Time to 24 Hours

Adam Afriyie today welcomed the Government’s ambitions to reduce the time it takes to switch energy supplier to 24 hours. The Minister confirmed that this was the Government’s ambition in reply to a parliamentary question.

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor, said:

“I know from bitter experience that it can take weeks and reams of paperwork to change your gas or electricity company. This is bad for competition because it means we often just stick with the same old monopolistic energy suppliers.

“Reducing switching times will empower consumers to take their money elsewhere, forcing energy companies to compete on price and quality. Everyone will get a better service at a better price.

“It’s great to hear the Government’s commitment to wanting to reduce switching times to 24 hours. In the longer-term, I hope it might be possible to switch energy companies in, literally, the flick of a button. The technology is now there.”


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