Why I'm supporting the Internal Market Bill

Today myself and colleagues across the House will vote on the remaining stages of the Internal Market Bill. I therefore wanted to lay you for you why I will be supporting this important piece of legislation.

Whilst it is rather frustrating that MPs continue to debate Brexit almost 4 years after the vote, you should know that this is a vital step to keep out United Kingdom together if the EU force us to leave without a trade deal.

The Bill has a very simple policy objective which MPs should not have to think twice before voting in support of. It aims to ensure that all corners of the UK, from all 4 nations, are treated the same in a common market with a common rule book. We can all surely agree that goods made in Scotland should not be treated differently to those produced here in England, or crops grown in Wales should not be prioritised over those grown in Northern Ireland. We are one United Kingdom and we must be treated as such. This should not be controversial either. Imagine the uproar in Washington or Berlin if different states of their country were treated differently from one another.

Earlier this year we believed that the European Commission shared this view, yet the negotiation process has indicated that this is not the case. In their view European Law, created and enforced by foreign powers, should have supremacy over UK Law when it comes to internal trade between Britain and Northern Ireland.

Brexit brought us the opportunity to break free from this undemocratic oversite. It would therefore be wrong for us to fail to stand up for British laws created by British Governments which are democratically elected by you, the British people. This vision of freedom and independence at its core was the spirit of the referendum 4 years ago and laid at the heart of our election victory last year also.

Government has a duty to put the interests of its people first. The British Government is no different, and this Bill delivers on that duty. I am proud to be prioritising the prospects and prosperity of the British people from all 4 nations by voting for this Bill today.