Theresa May has the Support of Sensible MPs

I’ve known Theresa May well beyond my 13 years as a fellow Berkshire MP.

Her serious and sensible approach to politics and high office is matched by her honest and reasonable nature. Those who have dealt with also know that she is as decent as she is fearless in her approach to getting the job done. These are precisely the qualities we need to secure the best possible exit from the European Union.

It strikes me that she was always going to make an excellent Prime Minister in the usual circumstances. But in the context of these tough and complex EU negotiations I believe that Theresa May’s qualities are exactly what we need to steer the UK through this tricky process and secure a strong and vibrant future both socially and economically. Any talk of leadership elections is self-indulgent and risks undermining the sensible that she can deliver.

The recent talk of leadership challenges is just that. If there were widespread support for a leadership election – and there is not – a clear process exists whereby 48 MPs can write ‘confidentially’ to the Chair of the 1922 committee and an election will ensue. Talking about changing party leader in the clear absence of such levels of support undermines Brexit, boosts Jeremy Corbyn and attacks the Conservative Party members who overwhelming support our Prime Minister.

Last month the Prime Minister called a cabinet meeting in which the Government’s commitment on key issues were agreed, such as the UK’s red lines in our negotiation to withdraw from the EU. A clear sign that any historic concerns had been successfully resolved.

Our Prime Minister is the only credible route to securing a sensible Brexit. We have a resilient Prime Minister who will do her duty despite any practical jokes or challenges that arise.

From the many conversations and discussions with my Conservative colleagues in Westminster, I can safely say that Theresa May has the overwhelming support of the parliamentary party to steer us through a safe and sensible Brexit and beyond.