The Platinum Jubilee is a fitting celebration for a lifetime of service

Mention Windsor to people across the globe and they will immediately think of the Her Majesty the Queen, Windsor Castle, military parades and, yes, Legoland too. So it is a privilege to be able to represent our wonderful area in Parliament, and our close association with the monarchy is a source of immense pride to me, as well as to many of the residents who will often get involved in events or spot a member of Royal Family out and about.


Whilst it is the case that, once in a while, I get someone calling my office thinking I am the MP for Windsor, Ontario, there is no confusion in the minds of the millions of tourists we have welcomed over the years – who come to see the wonderful sights and perhaps even catch a glimpse of one of the Royals. This connection is a key part of our constituency identity, and really does put us on the map internationally, with all the benefits that brings.


I look forward to the focal point of the celebrations in Windsor next month. It is ironic that we are celebrating Her Majesty’s tireless hard work and dedication to the United Kingdom by giving ourselves an extra day off!  But it is an irony I’ll happily accept.


The Royal Borough are certainly doing their bit by making it as easy as possible for residents to organise street parties – as well as waiving fees – and I am sure that in years to come these will be looked back on as cherished memories for young and old alike. At a time when the country can feel increasingly divided, I welcome this opportunity for us to unite together in celebration.


Contrary to what those bitter trolls constantly sniping at our way of life may say, our Monarchy is not something which serves only the interests of elites. The Duke of Edinburgh scheme has helped broaden the horizons of tens of millions of youngsters from all walks of life, and the Prince’s Trust does excellent work for the disadvantaged. As an institution, it is as ‘in date’ and relevant as ever, and this is in no small way down to the Queen and her dearly missed husband the late Duke of Edinburgh. Being a wonderful, steadfast, and truly British leader, she has touched so many lives and her unquestioning loyalty and service should serve as an inspiration to us all. In this year of her Platinum Jubilee, it is right that we salute her.