The Conservatives Strong Mandate, Locally and Nationally

First, I want to say thank you for the overwhelming support and my re-election as the MP for Windsor. It means a lot to me. You have my commitment that I will continue to work hard to protect and improve our constituency and our country.

The local election results for the Bracknell Forest and the Royal Borough could also not be any clearer. In RBWM local residents have supported the Conservative team in 95% of the seats, electing 54 Conservatives to the 57 seats available.

After eight years running the Council local Conservatives have been returned with an even stronger mandate this time. It’s not surprising when Conservatives have reduced council tax by 30% whilst improving local services.

It was a delight to have been on the local campaign trail with our Conservative candidates who put their positive message of low taxes, better public services and improving infrastructure for local people.

RBWM’s Council Tax reductions and country-leading recycling scheme shows that the Council is leading the way in showing how to deliver excellent public services, while allowing hardworking families to keep more of their own money.

One big challenge that remains is the Third Runway at Heathrow. Every extra Conservative Councillor must now be an extra voice in the fight against short-sighted Heathrow expansion.

The Airports Commission will release their final report in June, which may or may not advise on expansion at Heathrow. Regardless of the outcome, RBWM Councillors and I will fight tooth and nail to prevent any extra intrusive flight noise from Heathrow.

I will also be urging every Conservative Councillor to help deliver the flood defences we need to complete the River Thames Scheme all the way down to the Thames at Teddington, so that thousands of homes and livelihoods are protected. The money has been made available nationally and we must do all we can to ensure that the scheme is completed without delays locally.

It’s reassuring that in Bracknell and Slough similar positive results have been seen and my congratulations go to all those newly elected and returning Councillors. But, of course, my condolences to those who were not elected.

Nationally and locally we must take the opportunity to deliver a brighter and more prosperous future for our constituency and our country. The work starts now.