Heathrow is a Doomed Project

Throughout the summer, the Government unveiled a raft of fantastic policies which culminated in the excellent Queen’s Speech this week. What became clear was that this government is not interested in enacting a recklessly thought out domestic agenda like Corbyn. Instead the Prime Minister has laid out a programme of sensible, popular policies which address the needs and concerns of the country.

In light of this, it remains my hope that this Government will move to scrap their plans to build a third runway at Heathrow. I could go on about why I think the project is a waste of time, money and effort, and why it will have a significant impact upon your lives and livelihoods in Windsor. Yet the evidence increasingly begins to speak for itself, and I believe that the government is beginning to take notice.

I recently pressed the Government on this issue by tabling several written questions asking ministers to clarify some inconsistencies and clear up any confusion. The responses were certainly illuminating, albeit frustratingly ambiguous. Whilst I am certain the Government is not intending to be deceitful, the responses given raise serious questions over the Government’s faith in the project.

For starters, the Department for Transport explicitly make it clear that expansion at Heathrow “cannot come at any cost”. Yet despite the very serious questions over environmental, social, and economic costs, the best they could offer was to continue monitoring progress of the project. To me this suggests that Government’s approach to the project is very much ‘Wait and See’. Indeed, this has in fact been echoed by comments made by the Transport Secretary in recent months.

Moreover, whilst the Government has professed that “Aviation needs to play its part in reaching net-zero emissions”, it also cannot be sure how Heathrow expansion will fit into this ambitious target. Additionally, despite claiming that expansion “must be in the interest of the consumer” it cannot guarantee that charges at Heathrow won’t increase, making flights more expensive for consumers.

In the coming months once we return our attention to domestic projects and policies, I am certain that Heathrow will be revisited by the Government.

And that can only be good news for Windsor.