Adam Afriyie Welcomes Government Commitment to River Thames Scheme

Adam Afriyie MP has welcomed the Government’s renewed commitment to the River Thames Scheme, which will extend flood defences from Datchet to Teddington.

In response to a parliamentary question, the Government confirmed it planned to start building these new defences in 2020, saying it would take “five or six years to complete”.

The Minister also said the Environment Agency would start improving weir capacity in 2016.

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor, said:

“This is a victory for people living and working in Windsor, Wraysbury, Datchet and the surrounding areas. The Government has now given us a firm timeline for the River Thames Scheme.

“Last month on behalf of residents I urged the Government to complete the River Thames Scheme in 10 years, so I’m delighted the Environment Agency thinks it could be finished by 2025. I would encourage them to take a second look at the plans to see if they could shave another year off.

“These new defences will give residents of Berkshire the security and comfort they need to get on with their lives. It will also give national businesses the security they need to invest in the area. This is a long-term solution that will give us long-term security.

“But we also must make sure that we do everything we can in the short-term. It’s encouraging to see weir improvements will start in 2 years. I hope the Environment Agency will also consider dredging the river regularly.

“This is a good first step, and I’m thankful for the passionate support of campaigners, volunteers and residents living in the Thames Valley.”


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